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crazy lizard

I have Internet! *yeah*

I have Internet! *yeah*

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Fukusuke, Psycho, Metronome
So, the first week was really nice!^^
I like the atmosphere!*nod* Because we are just about 40!*lalala* But we made two groups, so we are just about twenty. Ok, just when we have conversation and some exercises. God, we learned now the whole Hiragana alphabet in a week. @___@ And the "writing" teacher is really severe (Teacher: Don't talk! No talking!!!)... yeah... But it's really intersting!*nod*

Oh, Saturday is the Helloweenspecial ViT!*yeah*
  • du klingst happy. freut mich ^____^ *knuffel*
    • *nodnod* Bin ich auch!^^ Ich glaub das tut mir gut, auch mal ein bisschen von zu Hause wegzukommen, obwohl ich da ja wirklich gern bin. *lalala*
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