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Fukusuke, Psycho, Metronome

I passed 5 exams out of 6!^^' Well, I excepted that I didn't pass one, I thought it would be because of many points... buuut... I got 58.5 points... I needed 60 to pass the exam...*grrrr* Fortunately I can repeat the exam in September!^^ 

Yeah, tomorrow I'm going to Spain for about two weeks!^^' (das heisst i kann halt eifach zwei wucha d news nid update!>__< wär froh wenn das wär macha könnt...*drop* Werd hüt no macha, denn eifach ab mora wär i froh!^^ Danka scho mol!) 

Uhm, yes... that's all for the moment!^^

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    • (Anonymous)
      Hoi!! Ha nome wölle hoi säge ^__^

      You're going to my country (Could've visited me. xD)and I'm going to your country in August. It's quite ironical, isn't it? ;)

      What region did you go to?

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