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crazy lizard

found "new" stuff... *yay*

found "new" stuff... *yay*

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Fukusuke, Psycho, Metronome
So, I found some "new" bands... *lalala* I'm happy!^^ 

Here are some PVs...^^

(oh, and maja91 and sleazoid I'm now addicted to "filth in the beauty", I'm listening all the time to this song... I loooove it!)

Kazoku: (I love this song, really... *___________*)

Nana (yes, the band called Nana, not the Manga!^_____^ ):


cellt: (it's just a sample...^^')

So, there are also Screw (whoa, I really like them), sadie and Kellnre (or Kinarura...^^'). I hope you enjoyed the songs!*smile*

Oh and all those who hadn't seen "filth in the beauty" yet:
  • Jau das mit Kazoku weiss i scho!^^' Isch halt immer so, denn gsehn i a Band woni toll finda und dia gits scho nümma...*grumml*

    Ok, also in dem Fall, Schwarz fürs Teil und rot/oder evtl. Pink für d Füass und so...^^

    *smile* "trasloco" isch zügla, sprich miar sind momentan voll dra ar Wohnig und so...^^'
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