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crazy lizard



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Hitsugi, smile
So, I went to the doctor today! And fortunately, I don't have to operate my hand!*puh* Buuuuut... it's not going to heal quick... -_____- But anyway, I can sleep again!*yay* And tomorrow we're going again to Zurich to bring a few things... like my nintendo!*hehehe*

Oh... and I'm so addicted to Naruto at the moment... I can't believe it... *looooove* But I don't like the Anime that much... the Manga's better!*nod*
  • nintendo = <3
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    • Uhm, well, it's a long story...^^' It happened two years ago while I was playing volleyball. Somehow, the first doctor didn't saw that something wasn't right, so the hand couldn't heal for about a year... well, fortunately I don't have to operate...*lalala*

      Ahhh, I want all of the mangas!*argh* I should save money for it!*nod*
  • Uh, was isch mit dinere Hand passiert? o__o'
    Haha, Nintendo rulez! XD Ich erinnere mich no an min alt Super Nintendo...|D~

    I'm also so addicted to Naruto *__* I'm going to watch the newest Anime episodes tonight, and I so hope that the damn annoying fillers are really ending now >__< Some people mentioned that they're over now (de Anime isch nur wäge dem so scheisse worde...=_=''), but the Manga is still better.
    • Naja, i han mr so was wiana Zerrig gholt vor zwei Johr!^^' Eis johr hets dr Arzt nid gmerkt, bis i denn zumena Spezialist bin, denn hani antibiotika bekoh, wills so entzündet gsi isch... nya, es halbs johr ischs guat ganga, woni jetzt aber wieder han afanga schaffa hets mr wieder weh tua. Jou, han jetzt so komischi schmerzstillendi Pflaster!*lalala*

      Oh jo, i han no dr ganz, ganz alt Nintendo, dä isch so funny!*lach*

      Jau, i han au ghört!^^ Nya, i weiss nid, i find au z charadesign vum Anime nid sooooo guat... Aber d Stimma gfallend mr (hrhr, vorallem dia vum Kakashi!*_____*)
  • uh... bin ich froh, dass du noed operiere muesch ^^
    *dumedruck, damits bald wieder tiptop oke isch*
    • Jau!^^ Waaaa... i würdi im Fall megagern eu am Flughafa go abhola koh, aber i bin nid uma an dem Obig... ;__; I hoffa iar kömmend guat hai!*smile*
  • Uii deete hesch gloeck ghaa! E Froend vo meer het emol en entzoendig oeberchoo. Root emol vo waa?! --> Woeller em Compi zvell tippet hett (!!) (waeisch wie, mer cha jo vo woerkli auem problem oeberchoo. *sterbt a kafi oeberdosis*)Of jede Fall hetter de moesse foer 2 Monet met e somene komische fiich om de arm omesekkle. :)

    Goosch du de scho of Zoeri, aso hesch scho es Apartment?

    I be scho uuu lang noeme of LJ xii, schaeme mi fasch scho chli... lol i ha schone ganze Monet mini emails noeme checket. O__o
    • Jo du, i han mr das vor zwei Johr bim Volleyballspiela zuazoga... -____- Naja, bin froh dass es wohl doch no aswenn verheilt...
      und zum Glück ischs nid vum Comp... O____O

      Jau, nögscht Wucha fangt d Uni a, und miar hend jetzt endlich alles fertig züglet!*lalala*

      Och ne, du muasch di doch nid schäma!*smile* Isch doch voll easy!^^
      • Eschs stressig xii, s*zoegle? I ha jetzt scho aagfonge met em ufrume damets mer denne ned eso vell wert. xDD Aber ebe, i ha jo ned emol en aahnig, oeb i soell es zweschejohr mache oder oebi grad soett aafange woeu i no ned esone ahnig ha wa mache. *puuuh*

  • oh then u're happy i'm glad your hand is good
    u know once i hurted my wrist. they had to sew it and some weeks i couldn't do anything. it was the left hand but i still couldn't do gymnastics and stuff...but now it's ok the scar stayed so now i always make fun out of people and i say: oh look i cuted myself. but then i rather tell them the right story XDDD
    • *hahaha* Oh yeah, I have also a scar on the wrist! It looks like I tried to kill myself!*lol* That's always funny because people think we're soooo depressive!-___-'
      • haha yeah and people are always like: omg! that's so creepy what did u do?
        man they look at one lil scar and it looks horrible to them. and when i cut myself on the fence...is that a right word...i think it is...so my friends were so scared and i wasn't scared at all...then the doctor said it's not serious but it was a lot of blood XDDD but yes people arround me couldn't believe that i didn't panic or cry
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