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crazy lizard



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Hitsugi, smile
So, I went to the doctor today! And fortunately, I don't have to operate my hand!*puh* Buuuuut... it's not going to heal quick... -_____- But anyway, I can sleep again!*yay* And tomorrow we're going again to Zurich to bring a few things... like my nintendo!*hehehe*

Oh... and I'm so addicted to Naruto at the moment... I can't believe it... *looooove* But I don't like the Anime that much... the Manga's better!*nod*
  • Uh, was isch mit dinere Hand passiert? o__o'
    Haha, Nintendo rulez! XD Ich erinnere mich no an min alt Super Nintendo...|D~

    I'm also so addicted to Naruto *__* I'm going to watch the newest Anime episodes tonight, and I so hope that the damn annoying fillers are really ending now >__< Some people mentioned that they're over now (de Anime isch nur wäge dem so scheisse worde...=_=''), but the Manga is still better.
    • Naja, i han mr so was wiana Zerrig gholt vor zwei Johr!^^' Eis johr hets dr Arzt nid gmerkt, bis i denn zumena Spezialist bin, denn hani antibiotika bekoh, wills so entzündet gsi isch... nya, es halbs johr ischs guat ganga, woni jetzt aber wieder han afanga schaffa hets mr wieder weh tua. Jou, han jetzt so komischi schmerzstillendi Pflaster!*lalala*

      Oh jo, i han no dr ganz, ganz alt Nintendo, dä isch so funny!*lach*

      Jau, i han au ghört!^^ Nya, i weiss nid, i find au z charadesign vum Anime nid sooooo guat... Aber d Stimma gfallend mr (hrhr, vorallem dia vum Kakashi!*_____*)
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