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crazy lizard



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Hitsugi, smile
So, I went to the doctor today! And fortunately, I don't have to operate my hand!*puh* Buuuuut... it's not going to heal quick... -_____- But anyway, I can sleep again!*yay* And tomorrow we're going again to Zurich to bring a few things... like my nintendo!*hehehe*

Oh... and I'm so addicted to Naruto at the moment... I can't believe it... *looooove* But I don't like the Anime that much... the Manga's better!*nod*
  • haha yeah and people are always like: omg! that's so creepy what did u do?
    man they look at one lil scar and it looks horrible to them. and when i cut myself on the fence...is that a right word...i think it is...so my friends were so scared and i wasn't scared at all...then the doctor said it's not serious but it was a lot of blood XDDD but yes people arround me couldn't believe that i didn't panic or cry
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