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crazy lizard

oh my god...*_____*

oh my god...*_____*

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Fukusuke, Psycho, Metronome
Ok, yesterday was the D'espairs Ray concert... It was GREAT!!! I want to see them again! 
We arrived in Pratteln at 18.30, half hour before we could get in. I went immediatly to the merchandise because I reeeeally wanted a t-shirt! And yeah, I got one!^^ Sooo, then we ate something and drank. Then we went to the crowd. I found Minya again because we lost her, and suddenly we were standing in the second row. Heh, then we noticed that it was Zero's side. Oh my God, he was hilarious!*laugh* We're calling him now "Wasserspeier"! 
Anyway, my neck is hurting...
Ah, I hope they come again!*lalala*

Well, I just watched now the second half of the X-Japans last live... ;_________; I was almost crying! It's really a great live...
Oh, and I finished watching H2! The 9th Episode is so sad! But I liked the last episode!^^
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