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crazy lizard



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Fukusuke, Psycho, Metronome
*yay* I ordered the Mucc tickets!^^ I reeeeally happy about this and also because my (finally, finally!) boyfriend (who's a Mucc Fan too) is coming with me to the concert!*lalala*

Well, I should learn... but I'm tired!>__< Anyway, I have to write a homework about one part of the japanese history... I think I'll write something about the Tokugawa time... ^^'

Well yeah, that was it for today!^^
  • Eeeeeh O.O Boyfriend *yay* <(^o^)> *jun.knufft*
    Mucc is love, and Mucc with your Love is even more love~♥ XD

    you can hit me for writing stupid sentences *gg*
    • *roll* Was für en geila Kommentar!*lach* Jopjop... dis schwösterli könnti do no es bitsli meh wüssa...*lach* Hani ihra mol irgendwenn vunem verzellt!3lol*
      • lol ja denn mussi sie mal usquetsche wän sie wieder diheime isch *gg*
        *hugs* wish you all the best~♥
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