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crazy lizard

double yay!

double yay!

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Fukusuke, Psycho, Metronome

Ah... I passed the exams! I'm so f***ing happy right now! I was really nervous, the whole week... because those two exams, which I had to repeat were last Monday and Tuesday.... aaaah, but now, everythings ok again!*yay*

And yeeeah... the Mucc concert... I couldn't imagine that they could top the concert from last year... but they did!O___________O 

Sooo, we were standing at Yukke's side, and it was amazing!*grin* And Tatsu was so funny!*laugh* he spoke again German!^^ Oh, and I noticed that yukke was bare-footed!*hahaha* Well, I saw practically all of them!*nod* even Satochi!^^ Oh, but they didn't play Waru arubeki basho... but hei, they played Daikirai!*yuuuuuuuuush* 

Yeaaaah, I want to see them again!*nod* Oh, and I bought a T-Shirt... and one of those posters!*yay* 

So, that was it!^^


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