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crazy lizard

Tiger Tiger... arigattiger!O__O

Tiger Tiger... arigattiger!O__O

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Fukusuke, Psycho, Metronome

yes, I am alive! holiday's nearly over...*sniff* but hey, university has it's good sides too, right?o__o' well i'm looking forward to it... (und nana i han am donnstig bis am 2 am nomi uni, am fritig isch für mi kli blöd will i denn amol hai gohn und darum viel züüg z schleppa han!>_<)
anyways, i just watched the new Dir en Grey PV... and I love it!*_____* (glass skin really is a beautyful song)
Oh yes, and you have (yes you HAVE) to watch the Tiger and Dragon dorama!*____* one of the best dorama (well, ok, it's my opinion...*lol*)

first why I love Tiger and Dragon:

next one is the new dir en grey pv:
and at the moment I want Galneryus!>___< love them!*___* and  I'm falling in with loud'n'proud!^___^  again!*smile*
I just had to show you those clips...*nodnod*
  • I like Glass Skin a lot - both the PV and the song~ and hohoho Kyo must like his body as much as I do xD why should he put it on display otherwise xD

    Wägem Sport: Am Dunnstig hetti no vo 2-4 en freie Block... mr chönntid also au dänn gah. Würd eifach nid unbedingt jedi Wuche je nach däm - chunnt halt druf a wievill ich dänn eff. no für d'Uni mache muess und so. Aber das gsehmer ja dänn~ Wämmr die Wuche scho gah?
  • das gheisst, dassi mini sis fröge muess, ebi das pv bi ire luege chan... (bah.. ich hasses, dassi kei sound uf mim pc han...)
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