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crazy lizard

little childs dream


Fukusuke, Psycho, Metronome



Skipped Back 20

September 16th, 2006

Whoa, this week was kind of weird, I was the whole time confused... and I don't know why... @_____@ 

Oh, I want to go to the cinema! I have to watch "Das Parfüm" (even if Grenouille has on the same day birthday like I have...*cough*). I love the book, and I hope the movie is as good as the book!*nod*

EDIT: I just heard something shocking (actually for me it is...): Kagerou is going to disband...*cry* Wtf is going on with all those Bands? ;____;

P.S.: Sorry for the "12 guys I love" Thing... but I wanted this for so long to post!*lalalala*

September 11th, 2006

My tickets!^^

Fukusuke, Psycho, Metronome
Yeah, today I got my and minyas tickets for the despairs ray concert (hm... who will be this "special guest"?!?). I'm really happy!*nod*

Ah, In about two hours I have to go... Oh god... this is going to be again a long, long night...

September 1st, 2006

Yeah, my sister was on TV!*smile* And my mom too.*laugh* It was so funny to watch it!^^

Oh... well, yesterday was a very bad day...-___-' I should forget about it!^^

So, and on Saturday I'll go to Jenny!*yaaaay* I'm happy! I hope she'll like the present we made for her!*harhar* So, we're going to sing the whole evening and play some funny games!*smile*

August 24th, 2006

Despairs Ray!!!*yay*

Fukusuke, Psycho, Metronome
So, I'm really happy that Despairs Ray are coming to Switzerland!*nod*

I just wanted to write it in here!*lol*

Uhm... well... I don't know what to write. Bah... booooring!^^'


Oh my god... on Wednesday there will be a TV-Team in our house... just because of my sister...*tststs* I hope they won't film the family...

Well, and finally I found some Luvie PV's!*yay* *lovesthem*

August 12th, 2006

!!!EDIT!!! Just read it.... Kirito, Takeo and Kohta have a new Band!!! The name is "angelo"! *yaaay* *happy* *dancing*

Ah... soon I have holiday... *happy* Yes, at the moment I'm happy, even if we're not going to Croatia!

And, well, I will stay at the place I work right now. I'm not going to find a new job. Somehow, it has also something good. Because I can practise my Italian and also my Croatian!*smile* Well, we have one woman who talks always Italian with me, and two who talk Croatian...

Hm, and I want a new haircut. *nodnod*

Um... at the moment I'm really looking forward to the next weekend. And of course to Jenny's birthday party!*yaaay* 

So, I noticed, that I really don't know much about my mother. Especially about her childhood. I told her, that I want to know everything. I hope she's going to tell me once. I just know, that she came to Switzerland because she couldn't find a job. And that she had to leave my half brother, because she had no money to take him with her...-___- 
Well, well, I  will wait for the day, when she will tell us her whole story...

August 7th, 2006

I just finished watching Donnie Darko (finally I could watch it!*yay*)... well it's a really good movie! I enjoyed it, even if I watched it alone!^^ Oh... and the scene when they were talking about the smurfs... I was just watching and thinking: "Ok?! What the hell are they talking about? Straaaange...". It was hilarious! Really, really you should all watch it! (just like sleazoid told once...^^)
Oh yes, and I also bought the "Orange clockwork" dvd... but I had no time to watch it...-__-' 
Oh, and I should also watch "la mala educacion". 

Oh, and I'm happy that there is a new ViT (thank you all!*smile*). I'll bring a cake!*happy* But... don't expect to much from me. Because on Friday there is the "Churer Fest", and... I going to party all night long... so I shouldn't drink to much... right? (oh I mean, I never drink too much...^^')
And, I have to go a little bit earlier... perhaps. I will decide when I'm there. Well, the "Churer Fest" is also on Saturday... a what a bad, bad week-end...*smile*

July 27th, 2006

... nonsense...!^____^

Fukusuke, Psycho, Metronome
I'm writing now just because I'm so bored...^^

I just finished watching the first season of "Honey and Clover". Aw, it's just so cute!^^ Goooo Takemoto! You'll get Hagu-chan!*smile* (but Morita's still my favourite character!^^).
Oh yeah... there is no character in this anime I don't like!O_o Well, mostly I hate many characters... But now there are more and more animes and mangas in which it isn't so...^^

So... I want to watch now the second season... and want to watch "Hana yori dango" (the drama... but also the anime), because I bought long time ago one (or two?) of the manga... so since then I wanted to watch also the drama and anime!*smile*
Oh and I like Makino... I think she's not like the most female characters in other shojo mangas!^^


God, today was a horrible day. First of all, I couldn't sleep because there was a thunderstorm... and, well... I'm really afraid of thunders (heh... once I closed myself in the bathroom, because there was no window... so I couldn't see the flash and couldn't hear the thunder). So all in all I slept about five hours. And I had to go to work. Then at work, I nearly collapsed because I had a painful (ok, I'm searching the word "Bauchkrampf" in the dictionary... found it!) "abdominal cramping". Yeah, so I couldn't meet Nicci today... Aw. I hate it!-___-

July 23rd, 2006


Fukusuke, Psycho, Metronome

I'm back. ^^

First of all, sad news: Soroban is going to disband... well, I really like the band! But... I think also, that they are really young, and I hope they will be still in the music scene (doesn't matter if in a band or solo...). Hei... it's the third band I like who disbanded this year. O_o 

Oh yeah, today I was in the cinema!^^ We watched "over the hedge"! Yay, Hemmi's so funny and sweet!*smile*


Good News: We found two apartments in Zurich!*yay* So we hope to get one...^^

Bad News: Sooo... we're not definetly not going to Croatia...*sniff*

current obssions: Honey and Clover, Nana (Anime), Vagabond (*love*), Sukijanai kedo Aishiteru, Princess Princess (Drama... even if I don't like the one who plays Shihodani...^^)...

July 21st, 2006

going to Milano!^^

Fukusuke, Psycho, Metronome
Wednesday I began again with work... Argh... three days, and there are just (again) persons driving me crazy (... negative sense...).

So, I'm happy that we go to Milano tomorrow!*smile* Well, we go to the Robbie Williams concert.
Heh, I'm really looking forward, because we are also going shopping!

Oh, I hope my sister will find the stadium again, because it's long time ago, that she was there...

Yeah, and I wonder if were going to the dome again... well, if they want to go to the top of the dome... I will wait at the "piazza"...*afraid*

July 14th, 2006

nice days...

Fukusuke, Psycho, Metronome
I'm tired. Today we went to Italy, shopping time!^^ But first we visited some old friends of my parents, they were very nice! Then we went to my aunt. We stayed just 5 minutes, because later we went again to her. So my father drove us to the supermarket, were we bought many, many things... oh and I bought a something like a sparkling wine, but with peach flavour, for my birthday... Yeah, and then we went in town to buy clothes, well actually I didn't really buy something, just some shorts. Buuut, then we went to "Bonazi", they got many mangas... so I bought "Principe Papero" (... the "duck prince"), Parfait Tic and Life. And I bought also a "Marimaru" diary (it's so sweet!^^).
In the evening we picked up my aunt and went to the restaurant to eat. 
So, that was today...

Yesterday I was in St. Gallen. We visited Jenny, and her new apartment. Oh it was a very nice day. We helped our friend to do a storybord, and it was so funny, I didn't laugh so much for a long time (okay, last Saturday I laughed much... but actually it's different...^^). Yay, and Jenny's boyfriend made pizza for us! It wasn't bad at all! Yummie!^^ I hope I'll see her more... yeah, I really miss... again!^^ She's our little "maumau"... 

July 9th, 2006

funny day!^^

Fukusuke, Psycho, Metronome
Yay, today (ok, yesterday) was a funny day! I really enjoyed it!

EDIT: Campioni del Mondo! Non l'ho realizzato ancora! Sono cosi felice! Sono sicuro che allora anche Pessotto si cura! Perche penso che tutto che è passato con lui gli ha fatto forti!

Yay, Italy you really won for Pessotto! I'm sure he will thank you all forever! I nearly cried when I read that Pessotto cried when they told him (hei, this is a good sign, he was AWAKE! I hope he will be ok again...*sniff*

Oh yeah! I forgot, Buffon's now officially my new God (haha, joke...).^^ Even if he didn't hold a Penalty (like he once did...)

And yes... Zidane... I got this damn feeling the whole time (... not just in this game) that he's going to loose his nerves again. It's not the first time... I know why I don't like him...^^ heh, it was his 14th red card... But I'm sorry for Trezeguet (the only one I like...).

July 5th, 2006

Bye, bye love...

Fukusuke, Psycho, Metronome

June 29th, 2006


Ok, tomorrow I have my first oral exam! Ah... history. Damn... that was so much to learn... about the history of Vietnam, history of China (which was really too much...), Turkey and the EU... and so on.
So on Friday I have mathematics (urgh...) and my second language Italian.

Yeah, and then Monday I have Arts (especially about Frida Kahlo, Käthe Kollwitz and Hopper). And the last exam is on Tuesday: German (... literature).

So, I hope no one will call me on Tuesday until 14.00!^^ Because they call if you didn't pass...^^

June 26th, 2006

... ITALY!^^

Fukusuke, Psycho, Metronome
Yay!!! I'm so happy! First of all... my sister went today to Kaiserslauten, because she wanted to see Italy! Ha, but she had no ticket! Yeah, but when she was at the trainstation (just about 10 minutes) she got one! She was so happy when she phoned us! Ah, if there where no exams I have to do this week, I would be there with her!^^ But hei, I'm happy because she's happy! 

NOOO! F**k... Switzerland lost!!! It's sad!*sniff* But... otherwise... I'm glad, because if they won they had to play against Italy... so I'm sure, that I want Italy to win...

June 24th, 2006

...about fans and books...

Ah, today's a really boring day...

Ok, finally I finished my 800 pages long book!^^ I'm sooo happy! So I should read now the last book for my oral exam! I began today, and now I've done the half...

Oh, I noticed also that 12012 are coming to Europe. (*saeundnanatröstatuan* Sae, i kann mr scho vorstella, wia du uf d Bühni springsch und am Tomoyuki versuachsch d "Perücka" wegzneh!*g*)

Sooo, finally I want to tell you, that I'm going again to croatia in summer! I'm happy! We're going two weaks, one week to the sea, and the other week we're going to my grandparents and my uncle. Ahaha, my cousin has to go to military for a year, so we will do a party! Ah, I'm so happy to see him again! I really mis him and his sister!^^ And every year I see them, he has grown... now he's sure about 1.90m. Yesyes...

June 14th, 2006

(no subject)

Fukusuke, Psycho, Metronome

I got tagged by soleil_kitty!

List seven songs you are into right now, no matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LiveJournal along with your seven songs, then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to. 

1) Mucc - fortysix
2) Lordi - Hard rock halleluja
3) Mia. - Tanz der Moleküle
4) Red hot chili peppers - Torture me
5) Dir en grey - Audrey
6) Red hot chili peppers - Dani California
7) Robbie Williams - Sin sin sin

Hmm... and I tag:


June 13th, 2006

... boring...^^

Fukusuke, Psycho, Metronome
Yeah, today I met Jenny!^^ I really have to say, that I miss her!*snif* I should go and visit her once... Aww... But hei, I'm glad, that we're still in contact!
Yes, and today I won also two tickets for the movie "volver". Whoa, it's a very good movie. It's quite but it's really intensive...^^

Oh, and I'm going to assist my friend on the Open Air in Scharans! Yeah... happy!^^

June 11th, 2006

a long, long night...


Yesterday I went to Zurich where I met Nicci, Shia and her friend and also Sae and Nana (han mi echt gfreut eu mol wieder zgseh, au wemmer üs nid würklich lang gseh hend... danka nomol für d CD!^^). 
Ah, it was really funny!^^ Ui... we bought to many Mangas: Nana 8 (argh!), Basara 13 + 14 (I love this story...), Princess Princess 3, BLade of the Immortal 18 (the last scene in this book is so sad...), Vagabond 4 (again a Samurai Story... I think I like Samurai Stories...) and Gokinjo Monogatari 5. And Nicci bought "nightmare before christmas", haha, there are so funny short movies on the dvd (Vincent!^^). We watched it when we were at Nicci's home. 
Yeah... and then we watchend also the three Diru dvds... oh my god, I never thought that this could be so funny!^^ Especially when Kyo begans to dance...
(sorry... but I don't think that he can dance... and well he reminded us of a stripper...god, we were to tired...).
Yeah, and we watched some other funny movies and we played Playstation 2, Nicci showed me some good games. Hm, and suddenly it was 6 in the morning... and we went to bed. 

So, I'm again a little bit tired!^^

Yeah, that was it for today!^^

Bye bye!

June 7th, 2006

just another entry...

Uhm... it's late now.

Today (kay, now it's yesterday) my sister, my mom and I went shopping... and then we went to the cinema! The Da Vinci Code. Ok, I never thought, that I like it! But, it wasn't really that bad. In fact, I think it was a good movie!

Uh... there's Ren and Stimpy just right now on TV (don't know why... but I hate them...). Hm... that's curious... because, normally I like such stuff.

Ah. My Cousin had a car crash a few months ago. He damaged his fathers bmw, but fortunately he has not to pay! Because, ok, he crashed into two old womens, but bacause he was on the main street, and the others came from the left side (they came into the main street, when my cousin was just about 20 meters away from them, so he coulnd't stop!). Heh, now they have to pay about 7000 Fr. I'm really glad, that he has not to pay (I think he's still a little bit afraid about such situations).

Oh, my sister asked me yesterday if she can analyze me... because she'd like to know more about my "inner" life. I was just like, go away my dear... I'll never tell you! Well, this is really pissing me off. Everyday she comes to me and asks me if I'm alright and if I don't want to talk to her...oh yes, I'm a big mystery to her, like puzzle. Why doesn't she accept, that I don't wanna talk to her about myself? I don't know if someone can understand me, but it's really annoying, when someone is doing this everyday. I mean, I don't know what she wants to know. I have now problems, but I think she thinks that I have. Uhm... okay, enough about this for today!^^

Sooo, I'm looking forward to Saturday, because I go to Zurich with a good friend. We want to go shopping and then we'll make a dvd-evening (or better, a "visual kei and JRock" Evening!^^).

I should go to sleep. Bye bye!

EDIT: I just wanted to say: Heh, Kyo got a new piercing (strange...^^), it's between the eyes, but vertikal (imagine the piercing from hitsugi (nightmare)... in vertical position...). Yeah. And Kaoru's and Die's tattoo are really similar, but it's not the same I thought first. But I like it!^^ Oh... it's still late! Good night...

June 1st, 2006

So tired...

Fukusuke, Psycho, Metronome
God... I'm so tired... I should sleep more! This week I slept everyday 6 hours or less...

Oh... and Clavier is disbanding... wtf?!? That was one of only "newer" Vk-Bands I was listening to...grrr.

So... good night!^^
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